Alice was living alone in Norway. She enjoyed the view and climate there a lot. However, as time passes by, she felt a little weird. She could somehow sense danger around her. After serious consideration, she decided to [[Go to a detective]] / [[Ignore her intuition]]. She thought, "Maybe it's just my illusion. I must have been so exhausted recently." [[Next]]A detective soon came and investigated her residence. Unsurprisingly no trace of any vicious people was found. [[Next]]She continued to live in anxiety. One day she woke up and found that her CD player was playing. She tried hard to remember, but she was so sure that she couldn't have listened to music the day before. She grew even more suspicious and anxious day after day. [[Then...]]She said, "I'll [[go to the detective again]] / [[move away]]."The detective came again. He was very impatient, "What the hell? Your apartment is extremely secure." [[That night...]]The next day, Alice packed all her stuff and was ready to move. She said goodbye to everyone else in the neighborhood, and everyone seemed friendly. With suspicion in her mind, she moved to [[China]] / [[the US]]. Just when Alice was going to bed, she heard some weird noise. She stood up extremely nervously, took a pistol and a torchlight from under her pillow. [[She walked out of the room...]]Suddenly, she saw a man in black sneaking into her kitchen. She aimed the torchlight and the pistol at him, and she [[cried, "Halt!"]] / [[shot at the man]]. The man was stunned. He stared at her looking terrified. Alice was stunned, too. She murmurred, "Father, what are you doing here?" [[The man opened his mouth...]]The man was shot and died at once. She approached the body. When she found who the body were, she almost shouted. It was her dad. In horror, she decided to [[bury the body]]. "Alice, please don't...", the man said in a whispery voice, "Since you moved away, your mom and I have missed you so much... I know you hate us two, but I just want to see you with my own eyes..." Then he burst into tears. "Dad!", Alice ran to the man, crying, "I'm so sorry! I was so young and naive that I decided to leave you... I'll move back to Britain and live with you and mom!" Good Ending!She died in China because of air pollution. Bad Ending!The next day, she buried her father's body in her yard. No one found the body until Alice died peacefully in her apartment 60 years later. But no one knows that Alice lived a guilty and miserable life after the incident, and Alice didn't know why her father would have entered her apartment that night. Bad Ending. She lived a happy life in the US, until she died 100 years later. Good Ending.